“Fat” Everyday…

Tomorrow is “Fat Tuesday.” The day before the Catholic holiday of Lent. That means it’s 40 days until Easter. This so-called fat day is supposed to be a last-ditch effort of many (who claim to be religious, but only go to church once, maybe twice a year) who will then repent and give up many of their indulgences for the following 40 days. I guess this makes them feel better. As though 40 days of fasting from whatever (i.e. smoking, drinking, chocolate, fried foods, etc.) will magically allow them to understand how Christ felt in the last days of his life. But, I digress.

My “perimeter” meals made me feel as though today was a sort of “fat” Monday. I did well during the day: aforementioned Kashi cereal and shared yogurt with the baby for breakfast; grilled cheese with grapes for lunch; and, spaghetti squash with a bowl of the baked potato soup for dinner. The soup was delish, although after thawing and reheating, it was more like a chowder.

Anyway, in the moment of a brain fart, I decided to go get an iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Not too bad, however I remembered that I had some survey coupons for a free donut. They seemed to be saying, “Come on, get a donut…it’s free.” I wouldn’t have minded, except for the fact that DD is running a promotion where you get TWO free donuts with the redemption of the coupons, not just the normal one. So, you guessed it, I got two. And not just any two, but a manager’s special and a glazed stick. For those of you who do not know what’s what. I’ll tell you a bit about DD. Forever ago, they made their donuts in-house. Then a while back they ditched that and became more of a coffee shop and had fresh donuts delivered every morning. If you get to the stores early, ALL the donuts are great. However, as the day progresses, some of those once-great pastries are moderately stale and lacking in their former luster…except for the cake donuts and most of the filled ones. Therefore, the best choices for my evening sugar high included a vanilla creme filled chocolate glazed coma inducer, and a donut that was reminiscent of the 2-packs of coffee sticks you got at 7-11 when you were growing up…the ONLY cake donuts I like.

So, I ate the filled one with the intention of eating the stick for breakfast with some coffee. IT didn’t happen. Now, they are both swimming in my stomach in a sea of caramel and coffee…FAT Monday.

Tomorrow, I’ll leave the Fat Tuesday happenings to others.

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1 Response to “Fat” Everyday…

  1. April says:

    Sister you crack me up. I have been craving sweets like no other lately so I feel you pain. But even though I am not Catholic I am going to try and atleast give up fried food and dessert the best I can. Love you keep up the good shopping!

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