…That’s close enough for me!

Wednesday Night:

Orange Honey Ginger Pork…

Ok, so I already had the honey & ginger in the cupboard, so technically I didn’t “not” shop in the perimeter.  The pork was BOGO and the oranges came from the original grocery trip.  Anyway, I made a reduction of the zest, juice and fruit from one orange along with a teaspoon of ground ginger (I don’t like fresh ginger) and about a 1/4 cup of honey.  That reduced by about half and I just topped broiled chops with it.  The chops were fairly small, so I had two and hubby ate the rest.  Along with the pork, I had fresh sugar snap peas and he had a salad.

Thursday night we rebelled and ate out for dinner: Cuban food.  Although when all was said and done, most of the ingredients for the food we ate could be found in the perimeter: ground beef, pork, cuban bread, cheese, & plantains.  The rice and beans not so much.

After dinner, hubby rebelled and bought sodas.  “But they are near the end of an aisle, so that’s close enough to the perimeter for me.”  Yeah, yeah…This weekend we have a trip to Orlando planned.   I have a feeling the perimeter may be less-than-secured. 

This plan is not too hard, in the grand scheme of things.  But I see how easy it is to just pop a frozen meal in the oven, or make a box of mac-n-cheese!  I hope we can mostly keep it up for the next 3 weeks or so.

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