It’s a good thing you already have a lot of coffee!

Those were some of the first words my husband said when glancing in the pantry this evening. 

I guess I should explain…As of today, we have agreed to only shop the perimeter of the grocery store.  In doing so, that means no coffee if we shop at Wal-Mart or Publix.  Although shopping at Winn-Dixie or Fresh Market could yield some new java. 

Anyway, as of tomorrow, our grocery lists will consist of items with around 5 ingredients or less.  Basically throwing out chips, sodas, cereals, and canned/processed junk.  However, this also includes no flour, dried herbs and spices, and *yikes* even sugar! 

Herein lies the challenge:  cooking with all fresh ingredients or eating items that were prepared “in-house,” (like the hot deli or bakery section).  Then again, I’ve seen some of the grocery store brand food ingredients…maybe I’ll just stick to making things myself.

Maybe you are wondering why do this?  Well, a couple of reasons I can think of at the moment:

  • Less time in the grocery store, even though fresh ingredients may yield more trips
  • Limited processed and junk foods (bye-bye HFCS!!!)

Luckily I was given a Keurig coffee maker for Christmas, along with a big box of refills.  Although the husband likes iced tea and I know his stash is getting low…maybe we will just stick with water.

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